1. Exit off the ferry at Langdale and make a left at the lights and drive along Marine Drive
  2. Continue until you get into the village of Gibsons (you will see Molly’s Reach and the Dock), turn left at Molly’s Reach
  3. Continue thru the village until you spot the Post Office ahead
  4. At the Post Office, turn right onto Winn (Winn is a very short street that runs into South Fletcher)
  5. When you get to South Fletcher, turn left
  6. Continue and the road change to Gower Point Road
  7. Continue on Gower Point about 2-3 km until you see Swallow Road on your left (it will be just after the sharp S-curve)
  8. We are at 102 Swallow Road, Southbeach Cottage is at 106 Swallow Road.

If you get lost, call us: Gail or Daryl 604-886-3038

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